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T Mobile Magenta Military MaxSafeguard your devices against accidental damage, theft, and more. You need to contact tmobile support when you get notified of the change. Get a free iPhone 13 from T. It is available to both active duty as well as former service …. Features T-Mobile T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military features unlimited talk, text and data domestically. Is T-Mobile better than magenta? If you want the biggest and best that T-Mobile offers, Magenta Max is the …. 25/per phone with autopay and 4 lines: $30/per phone with autopay and 4 lines – $10-25 total account discount for military/vet/1st responder. Home Internet Service Deals. If I do this promo I add the 4th line and then get a 5th line free. Tags: Magenta Max Unlimited 55+ , Magenta Unlimited 55. I have magenta max with insider code and 3rd line on us promo currently. Taxes and fees are included in the price. If you travel to Mexico or Canada, this plan allows users unlimited talk and text and 5 GB of 4G data. Simply trade in your eligible device, and T-Mobile will cover your remaining device payments up to half of your device cost - no waiting. com for included destinations (subject to change at …. The plan offers customers unlimited talk, . Follow the prompts to link your existing Netflix account to your T-Mobile package, or create a new Netflix account and link to your T-Mobile package. • Unlimited texting in 215+ countries. Also, the wearable add-on plan seems to be $5 less per month. Apple iPhone 13 5G for Sale: Prices, Colors, Sizes & Specs. 25/line, plus 4 iPhone 14 ON US. If anyone is planning to wait for a new iPhone to do the promotion in store I would not wait. Once you sign up for a plan, the 5G Gateway is delivered to your home. To avail of special discounts on prices for military personnel, you can verify yourself with the T-mobile military discount. Magenta Max is T-Mobile’s new plan that boasts “premium unlimited” data on the company’s 5G network. That’s 2 unlimited lines on our Essentials 55 plan for just $27. T-Mobile offers a few discounts that can save you $10 to $15 on your monthly bill. Although there's a limit of 4 redemptions/account, because the promos cycle so quickly you can easily get 50+ devices. Sprint MAX/Sprint MAX 55+/Sprint MAX Military General Terms: Credit approval, deposit, and, in stores & on customer service calls, $30 assisted. Tmobile Magenta Max - Free Line On Us. 1-Line, Unlimited Data "Go5G Plus Military" Plan From T-Mobile. Sprint subscribers aren’t left out either as the offer is also valid for Sprint Unlimited Plus, Sprint Premium, and small T-Mobile for …. According to T-Mobile’s own survey, about 10% of subscribers feel upgrading is a majority. Update 3/20: T-Mobile has posted an internal memo saying that the original account segment qualifier has been added properly. T-Mobile offers up to $800 off via 24 or 36 monthly bill credits on the Samsung Galaxy on a monthly plan with the MaGENTa MaX line. Find out if you are eligible for T-Mobile Work Perks. Any Go5G Next, Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX plan with two or more lines includes Standard Netflix (2. Why are some people paying so much less on Magenta Max?. T-Mobile senior plans are available nationwide, whereas similar plans from Verizon and AT&T are only available to Florida residents. T-Mobile's step-up Magenta plan -- which adds Netflix Basic (the non-HD version of Netflix), international data and includes taxes and fees in the price -- would be $130 for three lines or $140. And 2021 kept the Magenta name. What’s the news: New and existing Magenta and Magenta MAX customers get 12 months of Apple TV+ for free, from T-Mobile!This includes Sprint Unlimited Plus, Sprint Premium, eligible T-Mobile for Business customers and more. 2 days ago · TMO reports T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert now suggesting that this was never a full-on plan, only “a very small test. Users can access 20 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot when they register for …. Click on it and you will be redirected to ViX Premium. And that includes monthly fees and taxes. T-Mobile's Unlimited plan is $85 per month. 7 replies; 61 views G Grig Rookie; 4 replies does Magenta MAX Military provide unlimited high speed data in Poland? Thank you. T-Mobile has just unveiled its newest 5G smartphone plan that offers no throttling. Get Free Money and See What It’s Like to be a T. My T-Mobile: Select Menu > Account > Profile Settings > First Responder Verification. T-Mobile Magenta MAX $90: $150 $75/line: $186 $62/line: $220 $55/line: T-Mobile Go5G $80: $140 $70/line: $171 $57/line: $200 $50/line: T-Mobile Go5G Plus $95: Best T-Mobile Plans for Military. The only way to get those benefits for a single line I was told was to get the Magenta Military plan at $55, then get the PlusUp add on for $15 a month for a total of $70. Sprint One (Magenta equivalent) plans including Unlimited Freedom and Advantage Unlimited (SWAC) can get a code for Apple TV+ On Us for 6 months. T-Mobile Magenta 55+ and Magenta Military/Veteran: The T-Mobile Magenta plan, but $35 per line with international text and data Simply put, T-Mobile Magenta 55+ is T-Mobile Magenta but you get up to two lines for only $35 (or $70 for two lines) including international text and data…but at least one person on the account has to …. Back in 2020 when I first switched from AT&T to T-Mobile, I was signed up to the magenta amplified plan (currently in the app, it's called Magenta 1. With Magenta First Responder, our country’s state and local law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMS personnel, and the small businesses they own can get 20% off the first line and 50% off up to five additional voice lines. Might as well have worded it as "Everyone except ONE / ONE Plus subscribers" , same message. T‑Mobile is Giving Customers One Year of Apple TV+, on Us (Magenta. My experience claiming the $30 home internet with Magenta Max. Plan benefits: • Unlimited 5G & 4G LTE/50GB premium data. Not only does T-Mobile now offer all of its customers the fastest and …. Doesn't include taxes and fees unless specified otherwise. T-Mobile customers with 2+ lines on Magenta MAX can get $225 in extra stuff every month on top of their wireless service Now, the Un-carrier is giving everyone a chance to feel like a T-Mobile customer at ATMs giving away $22. T-Mobile’s iPhone 14 upgrade process is a mess. I rather pay full price for the phone than commit to giving tmo more money monthly. Furthermore, What is T-Mobile’s Magenta Max? T-Mobile Magenta MAX Plan Details. No cell coverage on the southside of town. On T-Mobile that's because they don't bother to update the old plan descriptions. Folks with Magenta, One, Simple Choice, and other plans should be on the lookout for the automatic upgrade. You can get a plan for just one person or you. Samsung Galaxy S23 is live on T. $1000 for go5g plus! Never letting go of my Magenta Max military + 3 free lines/ $25 HINT promo for our condo. T-Mobile Military Bate and Switch. 40% off add'l line price for lines 2-6 vs. T-Mobile Magenta Eligible Military Only: Best family plan. Iphone 15 tmobile offers : r/tmobile. GO5G Plus Military will qualify for the same device promos as the standard GO5G Plus plan. For a limited time, a non-Max Magenta plan starts at $40 a. T-Mobile USA, a subsidiary of T-Mobile, was founded in 1994 and is currently the third largest wireless carrier in the United States. and Google Fi 10 lines simple unlimited is cheaper than 10 lines on Magenta Military(not max) with having to pay $40 more for losing the autopay discount. T-Mobile Magenta MAX Plan Summary. T-Mobile offers two different flat-fee discount plans for qualifying military members. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network is slightly slower than AT&T’s 4G network, but its 5G network is considerably faster. Magenta Unlimited 55+ only offers SD streaming and 5GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data. I'm brand new to Magenta Max, and I'm headed overseas. T-Mobile Magenta & Magenta Max for 1 or 2 lines, Go5G and Go5G Plus for 3+ Runner-up. Magenta vs Magenta MAX? : r/tmobile. Military and Veteran Cell Phone Plans 2023. T-Mobile's two military plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, along with Netflix, access to 5G, plus data and texting abroad. The T-Mobile Magenta MAX Unlimited 55+ Plan is cell phone plan meant for seniors who are 55 years of age or older. T-Mobile stands out among the major carriers by offering some of the best international roaming perks with its plans. On T-Mobile’s most popular plan, Magenta MAX, new and existing customers can get iPhone 14 Pro On Us (up to $1000 off) with trade-in plus Apple TV+ included. 100% unlimited (no prioritization) UHD video streaming (set it in profile settings) thechrismonster • 3 yr. PSA: T-Mobile has new plans: Go5G and. Their claim is that with Magenta Military plans, you’ll get 50% off regular Magenta plan rates. They are the 11 countries where T-Mobile's parent company owns the local network. Unlimited Roaming & SMS Data When You Travel. T-Mobile Magenta MAX Plan Details. It has become common for cell phone carriers to extend special plans or discounted rates to members of the military and their families. Open the T-Mobile app and select Account. Select Access Manage Data and Add Ons. Also those plans aren't for extended periods of more than 3 months and can get canceled for excessive Roaming per the …. AutoPay discount requires bank account or debit card, up to 8 lines, otherwise $5/mo per line. If you already have Magenta or Magenta Max, and don't need more hotspot data or the North America data bonus, it's a tough sell to move to the GoPlus plans. We compared the best phone plans for military on the T-Mobile 5G & 4G LTE networks. Magenta Max Military gets all of the same perks, benefits and phone offers that the regular Magenta Max plan gets. However, we found that the $800 is a billing credit per payment for 30 cycles with 30 months of leasing for the iPhone, But after 24 months we have the option to trade-in for a new iPhone with a guarantee of $800 trade …. There are a number of T-Mobile alternatives available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Over $270 worth of benefits—every month. Make sure you stop by a corporate store and ask if your plan is eligible, they will look up the promo page and compare it to the SOC code on your rate plan. T-Mobile says it will do a limited-time promotion on Magenta Max to equal the price of the previous deal. Military Discounts on Internet Service. Also expected are "Go5G" Military and "Go5G" First Responder plans. A single line of Magenta Max costs $85 per month, the same cost as the Magenta Plus plan it replaces in T-Mobile's lineup. When signing for the Magenta MAX plan and trading an eligible device, …. In contrast, the Magenta MAX 55+ plan costs start at $65 per month per line with AutoPay. I chose to stay with military one because I think you will pay more for Netflix and get less tethering per …. I was checking how much Magenta Military Max was and then saw the below. How cheap is your plan? : r/tmobile. ONE Plan General Terms: Credit approval, deposit, and $25 SIM starter kit or, in stores & on customer service calls, assisted support charges may be required. You’re not missing anything, older magenta and other unlimited plans were 50gb before deprioritization. This plan includes 5GB of high-speed (4G LTE) mobile hotspot data and a basic Netflix. T-Mobile Military Discount Policy. First responders, military members, veterans, nurses and teachers can get discounts on every major carrier. Magenta® for Wearables, provides unlimited voice, messaging and data service, plus a variety of Un-carrier benefits and a separate number for your wearable device. She advised that your data roaming should be set on so upon reaching the Philippines, it will automatically choose the best mobile network or connection. Is there a difference between Magenta Max and Magenta Max Military…. I went from a modest 50-70 mbps to this. Max: Activate up to 4K UHD streaming on capable device, or video typically streams at 480p. Get Our Best Live TV & Streaming Service Deals (2023). Magenta Max 55+ is $135 for 3 lines. Get up to $1000 off w/ an eligible device trade-in on Go5G Next Plan (OR Up to $830 off w/ new line & trade-in on eligible plans including Go5G Next/ Go5G) OR Up to $350 off w/ trade on other plans. With DIGITS, your smartwatch will have the same. Includes nationwide roaming and nationwide long distance while on the T-Mobile network. (no charge for Wi-Fi calls to US, Mexico, and Canada). To make the transition easier, T-Mobile is offering FREE replacement devices that can tap into the latest technologies, including an option for a free 5G phone. T-Mobile Magenta MAX First Responders users can access unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data throughout the United States. Compare our best unlimited cell phone plans. One plus vs magenta max : r/tmobile. The price for T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan is currently being advertised at $90 a month for two lines ($45 per line) with auto pay. A single Magenta line with a 55+ discount will be $50, with two lines totaling $70. 0 with 5 Lines (2 which are free) and 20% insider discount. Capable device and SkyMiles Program. Get up to $1000 off w/ an eligible device trade-in on Go5G Next (OR Up to $830 off w/ new line & trade-in on Go5G Plus OR trade in on eligible plans) OR BOGO up to $700 off OR $350 off w/ trade in. Active voice line and AAA member validation required. It's also the price of two lines on Magenta MAX (price including third line free). Magenta max military vs go5g x miltary : r/tmobile. But, T-Mobile has also entered the home …. Received code and shared new year greetings, many thanks! Please consider helping out a grampa with a code. It increases the hotspot data by 10GB, bringing the new total to 50GB. 0 plan you currently have (which retired on 2/24/21) includes the following: Unlimited minutes and messaging Unlimited data on our 5G & 4G LTE network 5G access with compatible device & coverage area 200MB domestic data roaming Optimized video …. T-Mobile fixing their billing for 9+ lines. (4 lines for $140 magenta max military) $35 per line has been very nice and the other. roaming and on-network data allotments differ: includes 200MB roaming. ° T-Mobile iPhone 15 Special Deal: Monthly. With Go5G Next and Go5G Plus family plans, you’ll get amazing benefits like Netflix ON US, voice and data in Canada and Mexico. T-Mobile plans for multiple lines can be an attractive option if you, your partner or your kids burn through data. I'm being told I can get the BOGO voice line promo but I need magenta max. I literally just started service with T Mobile yesterday (4/23/23). Two lines of service cost $120/month, 3 lines also go for $120/month, 4 lines of service can be had for $140/month, and 5. T-Mobile International Country List: a list of all the countries you can use T-Mobile's simple plan for free data and texting outside North America. This webpage may contain affiliate links and, at no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking a link on this site. T-Mobile Magenta Military and First Responder programs are offering 40% off. It includes unlimited data, minutes, and messages as well as 40 GB of 4G LTE hotspot and full high-definition video …. Why would anyone switch to Magenta Max and pay an extra $60? $140 for 3 lines, I guess $47 isn’t bad for what you get, but why switch again! LOL - I have a Netflix account, $8. Here are the 7 key differences you need to know about. Control your calls and voicemails. This plan features voicemail to text included in its monthly fee. What’s the news: T-Mobile is making another Un-carrier move, Phone Freedom, in response to the Carriers’ move to three-year device contracts – with no other option – all while jacking up prices on their existing customers. Magenta: Video streams in standard definition. Magenta Max Military no longer available? : r/tmobile. This includes active duty, reserves, National Guard, veterans, and their . It's dependant on your credit, but the maximum is 15. Just received an email for a free line? : r/tmobile. TMobile One 55+ or Magenta/Magenta Max : r/tmobile. com, select View details for any of the lines on the account, then choose the line in the Lines and Devices section. Carrier Network Coverage The T-Mobile Magenta plan costs $70 per month directly through the carrier. I also have the Netflix standard benefit, which I pay $4. Once there, turn off automatic and your phone will disconnect from the network. T-MOBILE PLAN MAGENTA MAX MAGENTA ESSENTIALS BASE ESSENTIALS; Price for 1 line: $85: $70: $60: $45: T-MOBILE PLAN MAGENTA MAX 55+ MAGENTA 55+ ESSENTIALS 55+ …. T-Mobile $20 Most unlimited options for T-Mobile cell phone plans are grouped into a single family: T-Mobile Magenta (previously known as T-Mobile ONE). T-Mobile is adding a new plan to its lineup, this time designed for its most demanding data users. $47/line x 3 lines is the standard $140/month for new Magenta, old Magenta, and ONE (the $1 is a rounding error). Features and included services may vary by account type. Magenta Max is starting to get special offers again. Now that Magenta Max has been out a while what’s the opinion. More specifically, I’m trying to get a plan that will work in Japan. But the military discount is more than the insider discount anyway. T-Mobile is also keeping its Magenta, Magenta MAX, and Essentials plans in the mix with the same device deals across the board — including a free 5G phone with a trade-in in any condition. The Magenta MAX plan is T-Mobile's top-of-the-line plan. You can use up to 40GB as hotspot data. T-Mobile takes the cake with the cheapest 3-line $120/$140 Magenta/Max 100GB/unlimited 5G plans, and wider 5G coverage. T-Mobile ONE plans offer discounts for Active Duty Military and 55+ verified accounts. #RaymondtacularForever #TmobileOne#MagentaMaxPlan #Mag. Monthly regulatory fees and sales taxes on your service plan included in the price (see in-store materials for specifics in your state) Stream unlimited video at DVD-quality, 480p. T-Mobile T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military features unlimited talk, text and data domestically. Up to 5GB high-speed data in select Central European countries; otherwise, standard speeds approximately 256 Kbps. One local university was a leader in iPhone implementation. Not to mention my add a line costs are now $10 cheaper and I get 40gb of hotspot vs my previous 7gb. 0 amplified) through Home Depot. All right, you've got options, so let's take a snapshot of all the best wireless providers for military cell phone plans. Best Value: Connect Unlimited Talk & Text With 2. Here's a look at the international roaming perks you can get with your T-Mobile plan: Magenta Max: Unlimited texting, calling at $0. It’s a big reason why he has relied on the T-Mobile network since 2001. Will You upgraded for magenta Max to Go5G plus? : r/tmobile. $85 for one line $70 for two lines $57 for three lines $50 for four lines. value) while you maintain one qualifying Magenta Max or Plus line in good standing. 50 per month and include unlimited talk, text, and data. ) When Max was first announced, and they said we would be able to keep all our 2020 free lines, I had no issue switching over even if that meant I would lose just 1 free line. Total reviews count is: (7) Navigate to reviews. A second line of data for Go5G costs $55 while additional lines cost $25. 00 a month for a single line, including all taxes and fees. —even if you’re not a T-Mobile customer. From your mobile device, dial +1-505-998-3793. Per line up to 8 lines w/AutoPay. Adding a tablet costs $20 per line, and a. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I can tell you that after my recent migration to Magenta MAX last month - the following discounts still exist post-rate plan change: $30. T-Mobile Magenta MAX plans with 1 line include Basic Netflix 1 SD screen subscriptions, and 2+ lines includes a Standard Netflix subscription with 2 screens up to 4k UHD. Get iPhone 13 Pro Max starting at $1,099 from T-Mobile and get up to $800 off. In April, T-Mobile introduced two new plans, dubbed Go5G and Go5G Plus. 67); requires application This chart compares all the carrier trade-in offers for the iPhone 13 Pro. Based on what that article, First Responders, and 55+are not eligible for the discount. With that said, there is a $20 discount on T-Mobile Home Internet for being on Max. There are also no advertised discounts for military members …. Set it up before you are leaving T-mobile network (boarding the plane). Mobile Hotspots: T-Mobile's Magenta unlimited plans both include set amounts of mobile hotspot data,. All pricing above is per month and for Essentials does not include taxes and fees. If you are not under these plans, you will need to buy what are called “data passes” before you can use T-Mobile during your trip. — August 29, 2022 — The Un-carrier just made binge-watching even easier. (I just ran the example as if I were upgrading to the 13 using special carrier deal through T mobile as the payment option). Meganta Max Military plans not eligible for the max trade. If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus feature a durable and sophisticated design with a 6. New Magenta Max and Magenta Plans compared. To be eligible for these plans, you must provide valid age proof. It's in the link below which is for all Magenta Max plans. Adults 55+ will pay $35 per month per line for a two-line Magenta Plan and $45 per month per line for a two-line Magenta Plus plan. However, while T-Mobile advertises this offer as 50% off, the largest discount KCL was able to find was 47% off 5+ lines on the Magenta Military. Apple cannot process magenta max military, go through T-Mobile to order. I really want to be impressed by Magenta Max (but am not). The choice is clear, experience true 5G coverage & speed. The good news is that T-Mo will now allow subscribers to keep their free line. It seems that Tmobile is a All or nothing plan for Magenta/Max. Exclusive to state & local first responders for their personal service, with 40% off our regular Go5G plan rates for family lines. You are able to sign into your T-Mobile account online and you will have the option to update your rate plan there if you like. The T-Mobile Magenta Plus Plan is cell phone plan meant for individuals or families and offered by T-Mobile. So basically with this, TMHI is $30 instead of $50/mo which is a $70 savings over current internet option + u get Netflix and apple tv+. Magenta Max 3rd line free? : r/tmobile. You will always have to pay a deposit for the lines after 12 though. Compare Our 5G Network: Why Our Coverage is Best. as Marissa mentioned, you also want to check your phone. Choose a new cell phone plan from T-Mobile in The United States starting from $10. The T-Mobile military discount is 22% – 47% off. If you are calling about a technical issue with your T-Mobile service, please call from a different phone so that we can troubleshoot with you. I did calculate the difference going from One to MagentaMax, including Netflix. But the name isn't the only thing that's changed. Magenta Max is, of course, T-Mobile’s most expensive plan. Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot after 20GB up to 600 kbps. This plan gives users access to T-Mobile Tuesdays. Explore our Magenta and Magenta MAX Military plans. The theory is that new customers typically receive. MI lines are counted separately. With Forever Upgrade every two or more years, you can upgrade to the latest iPhone and get up to $800 off when you: Trade-in your eligible enrolled device. The Magenta plan is one of the best options for people who use lots of data every month. Generally One & Magenta gets the same promo pricing. So I'm thinking of porting those four lines to ($15/month/line)Mint mobile and then upgrading to Magenta Max for the other 4. Current T-Mobile account holders can simply enter their cell phone number to quickly see if their …. Don’t forget free Apple TV now and if you want to try their t-mobile internet gateway Magenta Max 55 takes $20 off bringing home internet down to $30 a month…. Our favorite T-Mobile plans include: Best unlimited plan: Go5G Plus. It falls between T-Mobile’s Magenta and Magenta Max plans in both price and perks. It has all the great perks and services you can expect from T-Mobile: Taxes and fees are included, so. Go5G – This is the base plan, which is similar to the standard Magenta plan; Go5G Plus – This will be similar to Magenta Max; Go5G Business; Go5G Business Plus; Go5G Military; Go5G First Responder. Right now, Verizon customers can save over $650 a year and AT&T customers can save over $475 a year — and even more because monthly taxes and fees aren’t included. The same promotion for a free third line still applies and brings the. What T-Mobile plans qualify for international roaming benefits? Up to 5GB of high-speed data in 210+ countries and destinations: Magenta MAX (including 55+, Military, and First Responder), Magenta Plus, Magenta MAX for Business, ONE Plus, Business Unlimited Ultimate, and Magenta Amplified. Starting March 9th Magenta Max customers without any existing free lines can claim a free line. Line 2: $55 per month with AutoPay. T-Mobile offers discounted plans to customers 55 and older, members of the US military, veterans, and their families, and first responders and their families. It’s noteworthy that it has not yet been confirmed that T-Mobile ‘Magenta MAX’ customers will lose access to the best trade-in promos and deals. Compare Sprint's Unlimited Plus Plan. If you're not a T-Mobile customer, call 1-800-T-MOBILE or visit your nearest T-Mobile store to activate a Magenta Military plan. Magenta Max Military plans not eligible f…. The same lines on Magenta Max cost $85, $70, $47, and $43, respectively. You receive another alert when you reach 100 percent. But that i would still have umlimited tethering. /Canada/Mexico to landlines in over 70 countries and destinations, plus unlimited …. Magenta Military – Giving our military customers unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data on our network at a discounted price! Take advantage of 5G access , Mobile without Borders, with taxes and fees included! Magenta Military Plus – All the benefits of Magenta Military PLUS 20GB of 4G LTE mobile …. T-Mobile's military discount program includes a 20% discount on the first phone line and half-off each line after that for qualifying military members. That would jump the bill up to $170/month, where NAFUTT4 would likely not get "fixed" (at worse jump up to about $155) In the future, I may be able to cancel one of the paid lines, dropping the Simple Choice plan to about $112. This month, T-Mobile forced upgrades will start to roll out to some subscribers. T-Mobile's Essentials 55+ plan with 1-2 lines is a great choice for seniors looking to save money on a feature rich unlimited data plan. T-Mobile has renamed its signature ONE and ONE Plus plans to Magenta and Magenta Plus. Analyst Vijay Jayant with Evercore ISI wrote, “The new Go5G and Go5G Plus plans offer incremental benefits versus the existing Magenta/Magenta Max offerings, in our view, and carry a price that. T-Mobile: Yes: Magenta Military Magenta MAX Military Yes: U. T-Mobile is the second largest I'd stay with current Magenta Military Reply Wonderful_Law2552 Truly Unlimited • Additional comment actions. Best Phone Plans w/ Military & Veteran Family Discounts. If you are a nurse/doctor that has EMT certification, select the EMT option. Magenta Max launches Wednesday, February 24, for consumers and small businesses. T-Mobile is still not at a place where it consistently outperforms the competition. “The discounts T-Mobile offers to veteran-owned businesses today are a great bargain,” says Bennett. T-Mobile's plans have no hard high-speed limit, but the Magenta and Magenta MAX plans come with premium data. 200MB domestic data roaming; All recurring taxes and fees; Mobile Without Borders; Simple Global (MAX / Ultimate experience); T-Mobile In-Flight Connection . Benefits wise, I think for amplified 2. T-Mobile One users who don't want to pay the $2 fee can turn off the "Netflix on Us" feature or switch to the Magenta plan. If you're logging in to T-Mobile. Free lines do not transfer over to this plan as well unlike the Magenta stipulation. It replaces the carrier’s Magenta Plus plan. The plans are now called Magenta and Magenta Plus and there are three changes to be aware of: Magenta, which replaces T-Mobile ONE for new customers, now includes 3GB of LTE hotspot data. Plus, coverage in 215+ countries and destinations, inflight Wi-Fi, and more. T-Mobile's Magenta MAX 55+ plan with 1-4 lines is the best discounted option for seniors looking for a feature-rich unlimited data plan. Apple TV+ Is Free for T-Mobile Magenta Subscribers. Select Manage Add-Ons in the Active Add-Ons section. The wearable has two plans now. T-Mobile offers military discounts. You will get a discount of $30 and $20 respectively each month. 2-Line, Unlimited Data "Go5G Plus Military" Plan From T-Mobile. Switch from Military ONE to Magenta Max 55 and trade in values. But you will have to pay $2/month if you do not switch to Magenta and stayed on the t. Learn more about available benefits with T-Mobile plans. However there are a lot of benefits with Magenta that outweigh the $2 increase if you do choose to keep the same Netflix plan. There will also be up to $650 off any iPhone 15 model with trade-in on Magenta Max, $350 off on Go5G and Magenta, and $200 off on almost all other T-Mobile plans. So if you have only one line, you will need to add 2 paid voice lines and get the 4th line free (total 3 new lines). Best Military and Veteran Cell Phone Plans 2023. This post is sponsored by T-Mobile. T-Mobile's Go5G, Go 5G Plus, Magenta, Magenta MAX, and Essentials plans are among the most popular phone plans available. I see that when I click Netflix under “Included in this plan” it takes me to a page that says “This. What’s happening to Magenta and Magenta Max? The press release from T-Mobile says that the new Go5G plans will live “alongside” Magenta, as if Magenta aren’t quite ready to go away. "Go5G" Plus will match Magenta Max. T-Mobile is known for offering one of the best military discounts on mobile phone services with their Magenta Military and Magenta MAX Military plans. Membership automatically renews at up to $83/year after year On Us. Data speeds aren't slowed down until you've used 50 GB per month, a much higher threshold than most unlimited data plans. Our Best Cell Phone Deals & Device Promotions. Also, if you have an older plan that is not Magenta Max, call and find out if your plan qualifies. Here’s how much that free iPhone really costs. It doesn’t matter if you have new service or already had service. Coverage not available in some areas; we are not responsible for our partners’ networks. Before getting started, make sure that: You have a T-Mobile ID. T-Mobile is one of the three big mobile carriers in the country, providing cellular service to hundreds of millions of people across the nation. We are paying $240 for 8 lines magenta max plan. 100 T-Mobile veteran and military spouse employees proudly march in the parade each year. 50GB high-speed Mobile Hotspot in the U. T-Mobile: $60 to $80 per month (1-line) Family discounts. Due to an ID verification problem, the sales rep signed us up or regular Magenta MAX with a lifetime discount. The biggest difference is that latest plans offer what T. I was extremely upfront about the fact that I am an Air Force Civilian, not active duty. Any Go5G Next, Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX . So far it’s been great but only one day in. Most plans offer a 5GB, 10GB or 15GB data allotment (or the max of your plan’s data allotment, whichever comes first) that includes both phone and tethering data usage. T Mobile Military Discounts, Plans, and More. Between September 28 and November 15, 2023, you can enroll in our Protection<360>® program, regardless of when you purchased your phone. With 50% off family lines, customers can get four lines of unlimited talk, text and data for just $100 per month with AutoPay. From a landline (long-distance fees may apply), dial the International Direct Dialing (IDD) prefix for the country you're in. T-Mobile offers active duty military and veterans 50% off on the carrier's Magenta unlimited plan, which comes with 5G. To put it into perspective: Sprint, 55+, and Military are rarely included (if ever) in these types of deals; I'm talking Line On Us and most "On Us" smartphone promotions. Many people have simply Magenta or the One plan so a $15 add on for two years in exchange for $1,000 is a no brainer. Magenta Max after 20% discount (with 3rd line free) 3 Lines: $112 4 Lines: $136 5 Lines: $160. if you go to the higher tier (ONE Plus or Magenta MAX) you get unlimited. Here’s the monthly cost when you add a line to your plan. This plan comes with unlimited talk and text, with 50 GB of cellular data. However it looks to be in some cases, the 20% discount would be better. Unlimited and family T-Mobile plans. However, we recently updated our newest plans to our Go5G plans, which means I no longer have access to update to the plan you are looking for. With the Magenta 55+ plan, the cost starts at $50 per month for one line with AutoPay. Three universities, large military base. T-Mobile gives customers more without asking more from them. 200MB Domestic Roaming 40GB Hotspot $85 Single Line price, Access to T-Force Taxes and Fees included I live and work all around Southern Wisconsin which is a heavy US Cellular area so I feel like the unlimited domestic is important, especially in rural areas. The 55+ will be about $20 cheaper with 3 lines and free Netflix. Currently on T-Mobile 55+ with 2 lines for $70 (before autopay) and a digits line that is free. One Plan Military vs Magenta Military : r/tmobile. Starting March 9th, T-Mobile will begin offering a free line promotion for existing Magenta MAX customers that do not already have a free line on their account. The discount also applies to up to 12 lines! Unlimited talk, text and smartphone data on. Credit approval, deposit, qualifying service, and, in stores & on customer service calls, $35 assisted support, upgrade support or device connection charge due at sale. Does Magenta Max 55+ have the iPhone $1000 upgrade. From what I read, Apple doesn’t recognize the military or 55+ plans as magenta max, but T-Mobile will adjust the promo afterwards. 0 Amplified plan qualifies for those MAX only phone deals, but presumably not cuz. The new plan, called the T-Mobile Magenta MAX, will be available starting Wednesday, February 24th. New Magenta Plan Pricing, Magenta Max Plan, Zero Cost to. Service may be Network Management:slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse,. with Go5G Next, Go5G Plus or Magenta® MAX. This could mean that the original terms required for the. 120), but it seems odd T-mobile would want me to move off my old plan to lose $5 and give me a larger trade-in credit. 25/minute, and 5GB of high-speed data in 11 countries*. On iPhone: Select Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Plan (choose the T-mobile SIM or eSIM) -> Network Selection. Should i switch to magenta military max? : r/tmobile. The T-Mobile Magenta MAX Unlimited 55+ Plan is a no contract plan for senior citizens. How to get a free year of Apple TV+ for T. It’s important to note that if the plan ever gets grandfathered, since moving from standard magenta or magenta max to their respective 9+ plan counts as a plan change they still won’t let you upgrade to those plans. That means Magenta Max costs $85 for one line; $70 each for two; and then, during the. Receive Netflix Standard (2-screens, up to $15. During congestion, customers on this plan may notice speeds lower than other customers and further reduction if using >50GB/mo. I finally took a picture of my DD 214 and have been trying to upload it for 8 hours. Stateside Int’l Talk: Calls must originate on T-Mobile’s U. So does Magenta Max Military not get promos? No, not really, being that the military plan is already discounted.