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Paw Patrol Fanfiction ChaseThe pups looked up to him as a leader and as a friend. My character Adam shares my love for Marshall and how he's so willing to help him out when he and Katie have their hands and paws full. With that, Ryder and the PAW Patrol were led into Chase's room. Based of 'Falling for my best friend' by HavocHound off FanFiction. Chase, Marshall, Zuma, and Rocky were playing tug-of-war, with Chase and Rocky at one end, and Marshall and Zuma at the other, while Rubble was watching "Apollo The Super Pup. And with naught but burnt-out shells left behind, Ryder decides to take them all on their …. Chase opened his eyes finding himself in his old, beautiful, comfy bed. After a falling out, Chase and Rocky won't speak to each other. By the time he tried to stop he was already sliding over shards of broken glass and head-first into the side of the structure – everything went black. ON HOLD - The Turtles arrive in Adventure Bay, Shredder soon follows. Follow Chase as he observes his fellow teammates grow and develop, while also keeping a secret about his past and his power inside. Chase, Rocky, Marshall and Zuma scattered for their game of tag, while Skye and Rubble were digging. Marshall proudly proclaimed he was much better as he got older… before slipping on some spilled ice and landed face first in somebody's burger much to their laughter. The Paw Patrol had just gotten back home from Adventure +10 more # 7. Along with his new found friends, Ally and Wendy. As a valuable member of our team, you have finally earned the respect needed for this great honor. It's been 2 years since Ryder's death in a tragic accident, and all the ex-PAW Patrol members have taken a job that suits their interests. Skye the Mer-Pup has always dreamed about the Land-Pup world, but when she meets a real Land-Pup, she vows to become one herself and marry him. "Oh, shut up and kiss me you fool!" shouted Everest, looking ready to leap on his lips before a light brown blur tackled the husky in midair and knocked her back. He opened them fully and squinted in the bright morning light that shone in to his pup house. Swift later returns to Adventure Bay and severely injures him, most notably breaking his ribs. The police pup was winning during the first 15 minutes, but then, the wolf managed to slash his front right paw before tackling him to the ground. Since no two friends are closer then Chase and Marshall (or Marsha in this case) I decided to go with them. Chapter one: Falling Out! "Tag! You'wre it, Mawrshall!" Zuma called, tapping him on the nose and racing away. Paw Patrol MarshallXEverest Feet love, a paw patrol fanfic. Now, Chase and Ryder must find a way to escape their kidnappers, flee the city and find a new home for 5 pups. Lately Chase has been having accidents, anything from urinating in the lookout, to wetting the bed in his pup house to even pooping in his truck while on a mission. It was nice to see his owner acting like his age despite the maturity he possesses. The line went silent for a moment ten stated to ring again. The Paw Patrol must endure the hardships of the absence of their leader. So glad to meet you guys in person finally. Rated T for mentions of sex and minor cursing. I actually liked how it turned out. Laying in a single coffin together, forever in embrace, two star crossed lovers lay together in eternal peace. An adventure of excellence of self. Despite his seemingly-fatal accident tearing him away from his home, Marshall has safely returned to Adventure Bay. "We'll get the team together and we'll stop Damian Stone. " "John, this is Ryder" I greeted him. After some internal strife and anxiety, Rocky comes out of the closet and tells all his friends that he is gay. The fact they may lose their Chase, the first ever PAW Patrol pup, the second in command, Ryder's right hand pup and best friend. Ryder and the Paw Patrol stumble upon a winged Alaskan Malamute pup whose had a really hard life and is left with physical and mental scars. Many have doubted the abilities of the team, but as of recently, after an incident in a neighboring city, Adventure City, the abilities and methods of the unorthodox team seemed to be questioned less and less. He quickly ran before Penny could catch sight of his puphouse and he reached her within 7 seconds and Penny looked down to meet eyes with the shepherd "Excuse me miss, you are on PAW …. But a surprise was waiting for them. And how relaxed and damn friendly he was acting made it even worse. Chase's Accidents Chapter 3: The Final Straw, a paw patrol fanfic. Chase and Marshall shared stories of their days in Paw Patrol, which earned a lot of laughs especially with all the accident prone things Marshall did when he was a pup. Rocky: Thank you Ryder Thank you. I looked around and saw that Rubble's Rig wasn't here. I'm Liberty and this is my best friend friend Alexis. Language: English Words: 1,982 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 7 Hits: 76 Paw Patrol on the Roll by irl_filingcabinetAnna PAW Patrol Explicit Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings. "And Prince Chase" Queen Everest said, feeling surprised. Legends (DISCONTINUED) Chapter 6: Legends Facts, a paw patrol fanfic. Rocky went down the elevator to go out the door and towards chases pup house there he was the love of his life. Ryder's said it before, and now I'm gonna say it. When a shadow from Chase's past returns, the other members of the PAW Patrol must watch Chase and Skye. The episode begins with Chase, Rubble, and Zuma sniffing for buried items in the yard around the Lookout. Reviews: 11 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 8/23/2018 - Published: 7/12/2018 - Chase, Skye, Marinette D-C. PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love Story. And there was quite a story behind their marriage. Number One Pup Chapter 2: Sick Pups and Ill Tidings, a paw patrol. Good cop gone bad: Paw Patrol story Chapter 10. Ryder, without hesitation, sends his two best …. The difference was they weren't their regular dog selves, because, just like the PAW Patrol and their primary rival (Wild Cat), they could transform between regular dogs and anthro dogs, animals that stood on two. Katie is the most popular girl at school. Return to the ocean Chapter 2, a paw patrol fanfic. Marshalls past Chapter 1, a paw patrol fanfic. "Ryder, pups, I am so glad to see you. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Ryder, Chase, Marshall, OC. Paw Patrol: Ryder has gone missing Chapter 12, a paw. Chase's Horrific Incident Chapter 1: A New Chase, a paw patrol fanfic | FanFiction. Filled with stoners, bullies, and a bit of police action. "I'll go easy on you, Chase," Rocky positioned himself at their ritualistic makeshift starting line. Marshall, I ask you to watch her condition. Mission Paw: Royals vs Resistance. "You're an awful friend Chase". # 1 Rivals to Brothers: A Paw Patrol S by ThreadyRumble 14. this is also how Ryder got Chase. "This doesn't mean that you are now nobody to us, you are still a member of the Paw Patrol, I mean that nothing of your story was real. It's harder to keep aging dogs like you from previous. (this story was based off of peacemaker and kung fu panda 2) a person named Marcus is taking over Barkingburg to begin his conquest on the world. Paw Patrol:The Great Rescue By: IronDiamond. In addition to them, were Chase's parents, as well as Lightning and Storm; the latter groups were in the spare room in the Lookout, large and containing beds abound. Marshall started becoming more clumsy then before. Shocked by a devastating discovery made during a mission, Chase and the Paw Patrol are sent into a state of distress. CHAPTER 3: CHASE IS GONE MISSING. Paw Patrol: Pups save Rocky's will Chapter 1, a paw patrol fanfic. Legends (DISCONTINUED) By: Medic Glace. In the command center of the Lookout, Ryder stood before the pups that were already present: Rocky, Rubble, Marshall, Zuma and Miracle, the newest member of the PAW Patrol. Ryder called Chase on his pup pad "Chase big problem, you won't believe this" he said. Ryder has adopted new pups and needs help from the best. Dark Secrets Chapter 1, a paw patrol fanfic. They can be best friends/brothers like I did with Chase and Marshall in my last story or I can make them a romantic couple. Marshall's Hurt Paw, a paw patrol fanfic. The Paw Patrol get a helping hand By: katealpha31. This is the story of when Chase was younger, not in PAW patrol, and his life before everything. Since the 5 years, Marshall has grown, a large Dalmation with a pearly white coat and pitch black spots. "Ryder needs us!" they shouted. Tue, Apr 20, 2021 #69 pawpatrol. If there was one sight the Paw Patrol could count on to wake up to in the morning, it was the face of their leader gently shaking them awake. He grabs him by his behind and flies him back to chase. The pups were outside playing as the sun began to set. Marshall then woke up "Good morning. My first Paw Patrol fanfiction story. Chase's house was a small white house with a brown roof and blue door. As mentioned before he's still a klutz but he's actually much smarter now. He runs past the row of his six team members, best friends and, the most important, family members as they bark and howl in agreement and excitement. This story is a lemon, so it contains erotical scenes, it is yaoi and it is about pups! MxM action (Chapter 4 and 5) leading into MxMxM action! (Chapter 6) MarshallXChase, later MarshallXChaseXRocky! Ryder, Rubble, Zuma and Skye are on a mission so the three males Rocky, Marshall and Chase are alone. HELLO READERS! No surprise who's story we're diving to next. Pairs: Ryder x Katie, Mayor Humdinger x Goodway, Jake x OC, Everest x OC, Marshall x Chase, Skye x Rubble, and Zuma x Rocky. After hours of walking, we entered Adventure Bay and began to head towards the lookout. All the pups were exhausted and needed a bath badly. Chase was playing tag with Marshall and Zuma while Skye was busy playing. She began to cry as she saw the two pups lying on the ground injured badly. Pups Save A Father By: SAVAGEBOLT. Chase and Zuma also announced them being together, which earned congratulations from everyone. Chase and Rocky were playing together too, chasing each other around and being their usual goofy selves. "Dispatch 1-4 check the perimeter of the bank. The film was released on August 20, 2021. Pups Save an Everest Chapter One, a paw patrol fanfic. But for the past few months, Chase has seemed off. Rue (PAW Patrol fanfiction) 3 pages August 19, 2014 Fawn May. In this little parody, Chase will be portraying young Simba and Skye will be portraying young Nala. Chase & Marshall is a popular friendship/bromance. The 'scratch' had clearly started to become a scar. A terrible threat has escaped into Adventure Bay, threatening the very lives of its inhabitants. paw patrol fanfic ">Pups Save Chapter 1: Ryder Again, a paw patrol fanfic. "Would you like to go out with me" Chase asked waiting for a rejection. They were almost certain this meant they were in trouble. Good cop gone bad: Paw Patrol story By: Ace the new pup. Net This story is about Chase and a …. " Chase said as he morphed into his Super Spy armored Ranger form and aimed his blaster at the portal, getting ready for …. Chapter one: Sniffles and Sneezes. A Night To Remember Chapter 1: Obsessed, a paw patrol fanfic. Power Rangers and PAW Patrol crossover fanfiction archive with over 11 stories. But when a bully from Marshall's past returns, the PAW Patrol must help Marshall confront the bully and discover why Marshall was bullied years ago. It was a beautiful night in the kingdom of Barkingburg. the pups encounter a limbless creature that calls himself ray man. It's 1998 and Katherine Arden, an internationally known singer, grows close to new up and coming ra Facing Fears. Paw Patrol: Alone, a paw patrol fanfic. Some of these stories are happy ones, some are sad, and some are comedy. Dawn Of The Heroes (PAW Patrol fan by Lily Strange. Amongst others, there were few characters that the Paw Patrol had to deal with that became more of an annoyance than a threat. Marshall grabbed the sides of the tub as he felt Chase's paws working his cock. "In the dark of night, in light of day, we, the PAW Patrol, will serve Adventure Bay. Because of this new gear Chase is able to fight bigger crime than just the traditional rob a bank. WELL THIS STORY IS ABOUT MARSHALLS PAST SO ENJOY! It was a nice day in Cole town, as a spotted domination was trotting to the FFA the fire fighting academy, and he met up with Cinder and Ash. Chase starts the race as Marshall and Skye takes off. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Romance - [Chase, Skye] [Zuma, Rocky] - Chapters: 9 - Words: 6,500 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 7 - Updated: Nov 6, 2019 - Published. The entire atmosphere felt uncomfortable. There is a punishment for every crime. Thank you, now presenting Chapter 7. Just a short story collection featuring the PAW Patrol gang. And two grieving fathers ended a long history of hatred at last. It is all of the other characters in PAW Patrol. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - [Chase, Skye] Rocky, OC - Chapters: 10 - Words: 19,543 - Reviews: 106 - Favs: 69. Skye's Pregnancy Days By: pawpatrolwolf. Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, and Skye were at the lookout wait to see who the winner was. " "Skye tried to escape, but her seat belt is stuck. Chase is actually my favorite pup, while Marshall is my twin brother's favorite. " "And if I don't?" Chase asked nervously. Chase looked at him expectantly. Marshall looked away, whipped around and walked slowly out of the room. Chase, the super-serious by the rules second in command of the PAW Patrol, giggling like a newborn pup while hopping up and down. During this time, Ryder worked on a new device on the balcony on the upper level of the Lookout. If danger is near, just give a yelp! The PAW Patrol is here to help!". Chase's Accidents Chapter 5: First Day Diapered (Part 2), a paw patrol. paw patrol fanfic ">Biggest Fight Chapter 1: Axton's Return, a paw patrol fanfic. A Resort to Remember by PyreFly77 reviews. "it's a girl sir, she said she is here to meet you about taking out the Paw Patrol" the Shepheard said. Rated: Fiction K - English - Family/Drama - Ryder, Chase, Skye, Marshall - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,187 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 6 - Updated: …. There was just too much pressure on him for such a young kid. Paw Patrol Chase x Oc by Boo8907 26. Marshall runs away thinking that he will be thrown out of the team. Chase, a paw patrol ">Puppy Love Moments 2 Chapter 1: Zuma x Chase, a paw patrol. Walking down the stairs, side by side and smiling, was the girl they had been waiting for. Going somewhere you have bad history with isn't easy. Rubble: With some bricks, it will be like new. Chase, deciding that he's done enough, had ran as far as possible, however, he's ran too far and ended up endangering himself and Marshall who decided to go after the pup. Captain turbot: wel hello their young puppy. He looked back at Rocky, whose eyes were glazed with lust. Chase y el Caso Alexei By: davidsansan02. Chase nodded slowly and said, "An adventure of mind and boy. paw patrol: all grown up #11: love takes flight. Rated: Fiction T - English - Chase, Skye, Zuma - Words: 541 - Published: Jul 16 - Status: Complete - id: 14256678. " As the four pups played, Skye walked by, heading toward Katie's pet groomer and veterinarian to get her fur done, but little did she know a German Shepherd was staring. Everyone knows Skye from the PAW Patrol: The cute, lovable Cockapoo who flies her helicopter and saves the day with her air rescue skills. Chase loved Skye, but he thinks she doesn't feel the same so he tries his best to show her but after a simple bathroom break in the forest turned into the most frightening night of his life he tries to make everything right between them after a mission when they save a pup, Skye tries to win Chase back. Disclaimer: I do not own PAW Patrol or the OC Swift. Chase x Sweetie, a paw patrol fanfic. Marshall, Just Be Your Self, a paw patrol fanfic. This will be my third Paw Patrol fanfic that I do. And when Skye finds Chase, bring him home with your sledge. Though lingering thoughts and nagging doubts among the team unbalances things a little. Choose the next couple: Marshall x Rocky, Rubble x Sky, Zuma x Sky. During a trip Chase disappears and he is accidentally brought to …. When Ryder had asked him who it was Marshall had Walked away not wanting Ryder to know it was Everest. (Spin-off of Lockdown) A blizzard has hit Everest's mountain, bathing the ski lounge in snow. He did it to protect the rest of the Paw Patrol after an incident where someone had told him that if he doesn't le Completed zuma action marshall +16 more # 2 Behind The Mask by Nothing 352K 8. They never leave each other's side for their love for one another, but when a fire scared the life out of both of them, what. "Yeah, you could fry an egg on our vehicles," agreed Chase. Even though their actions almost costed him his life, he still forgave them. Marshall shook his head, remembering the reason why he went to see his owner. He is a police and traffic cop dog and a spy dog as of Season 2. He saw his best friend licking Everest's cheek, which he knew that meant that they were dating. Heights, Spiders, Death, and even Water. Chase and the others genuinely appreciated the gesture. Right in front of Chase and Ryder, Marshall seemingly plummeted to his death, crushing the two of them with guilt and grief. Chase lowered his head and dragged his paws out. 6K 19 Hey guys this is a Chase X Marshall story and will not involve any of the feeling from my other stories this one is just separate on its own. 2 Synopsis: An unknown puppy virus strikes upon a few of the pups, leisurely transferred to the others too, excluding Rocky unexpectedly, alerting Ryder to why he is the sole pup not to be infected. "Rise and Shine Paw Patrol, it's time to flex!" In Marshall's pup house, Everest groaned in annoyance, "one of these days, I'm going to persuade Rocky to disable that megaphone so we can sleep in. Ryder is Adventure Bay Elementary's biggest social out cast. Along the way he meets Maddie, a beautiful German Shepard who stands up for Chase when he needed it. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family. Today is the day that Chase and Skye get married. Chase (PAW Patrol) Rocky (PAW Patrol) Rubble (PAW Patrol) Fluff; Hugs; Tears; Light Angst; Hurt/Comfort; Forgiveness; Superpowers; Dogs; Romantic Friendship; PAW …. Chase descended all the way down to the bottom to explore the whole vicinity. Never Change, Marshall, a paw patrol fanfic. (SUMMARY) When Chase and Marshall have an argument that quickly transforms into a war, Chase is the one who gets punished. Chapter 1: Sickness and Surprise. After so many time throwing hints at Skye about his feelings, Chase feels that Skye doesn't love him. Rocky's Confessions Chapter 1, a paw patrol fanfic. Power Rangers and PAW Patrol Crossover. Ryo changed his name to Kasai Motomiya in an effort to be free from a near forced marriage. All was calm for once, so the PAW Patrol pups were spending the day at the beach. There was total silence as Ryder had a very surprised face. After an incident where her living under a rock gets lot's of laughs - her feelings may have been wounded. While she was sitting there her mom saw her sitting. Chase from the paw patrol is into Skye, the adorable cockapoo. Silver Surfer By: ScarletHunter. Chase: (So what you're telling me is that you're a garbage boy who went to school…) Rocky: "Recycling is an important matter in our society. Teenage Puppy Love By: minecraftfazbear13. The two were a devastating pair. "Because we're doing a boy out" said Rocky. You see, me and the PAW Patrol have to deal with some missions that I can safely say as life. 0 by Melody_trans for RockyChasePower PAW Patrol Explicit Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings M/M Complete Work 10 Oct 2023 Creator Chose …. Once Upon A PAW Patrol Chapter 2: Sleeping Skye (Part 2. Family Reunion Chapter 1, a paw patrol fanfic. Nothing can be more horrible than being what he has become. Marshall cocked his head to the side, in confusion. Their first stop is a house on Moonscar Island in Louisiana, said to be haunted by a ghost pirate. Chase betrays the paw patrol after a heartbreak. The teams were Chase and Skye versus Rubble and Zuma, with Marshall and Rocky awaiting the victor. On the left side was a picture of Marshall and Chase with a paw around each other in front of Ryder who had his arms around them. The Shepherd shook his head, "You're suppose to be on my side!" Everyone but Chase laughed. So the two like each other and each of them don't know it yet. The pups are getting ready to perform a Disney Classic, Sleeping Beauty, as a play for the whole town. The following characters make their first appearance: Swift, Storm, Lightning, Pace, and Shayla. Fanfic: Chase's Horrific Incident Ch 1, PAW Patrol. PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love by Andrew Gamer GL. But what if that wasn't always the case? Wh Completed pawpatrol rocky chase +12 more # 2 Paw patrol: Truth or dare by Mena2001 34. Cinder was a gray pup with a dark gray spot on his left eye. Marshall, Chase, Skye, and Everest were out on Jake's Mountain doing some hiking with each other. He was confused, ever since Everest had joined the PAW patrol he had this weird feeling in his stomach. Pups Save A Wisp, a paw patrol fanfic. When Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, and Zuma get sick and some snowboarders are stuck on a ledge on Jake's Mountain only Everest, Caitlin, Chase, Skye and Jake can help them. It's up to the Paw Patrol to help him get himself back together and also get. The Cop and the Robber By: TrueHound. Ryder: thanks pups for coming so fast. Unbeknownst to the troubled chihuahua, a pair of ears perked up from several doors down. Replotting the movie and still, Chase suffers in PTSD when he is transported to Adventure City with Ryder and the PAW Patrol to prevent Humdinger's next scheme, invalidation, and withdraws among the …. As a war breaks out between vampires in their hometown, it's up to Marshall to save Adventure Bay and his friends. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chase, Skye, Marshall, Everest - Chapters: 25 - Words: 21,333 …. The sleepy shepherd yawned deeply and rubbed his eyes, lifting his head in mild confusion. Snowflake yawned before stretching. The last to board the truck was Tracker, whom they found in the jungle with Carlos. This PAW Patrol Fan Fic provides examples of:. Reruns of PAW Patrol in the afternoon. Ryder filled each of the pups food bowls. This takes place after the Ready Race Rescue movie in Paw Patrol but with my little twist also this is the cannon story that takes place after The Shadow Man returns, so please ready the Shadow Man returns and …. "Zuma's Secret Fear" is a fan made episode of PAW Patrol. It was another beautiful sunny day in Adventure Bay. the two go back to the lookout to talk little did the know Sweetie was spying in them. Yet, Marshall had forgiven them. Paw Patrol: The New Chase. Skye and her bridesmaids are at Katie's getting ready while Chase and his groomsmen are at the Lookout. Ryder Goes Home By: CartoonFiction56. Ryder learns what he was most afraid of is true. Chase Meets Skye Chapter 1: Hanging by a Cliff, a paw patrol. Marshall has a very dark secret that he has to hide from everyone. And talks a lot about Chase and how he came to be Ryder's first pup. Rated: Fiction K - English - Crime/Adventure - Chase, Rocky - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,598 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/19/2020 - id: 13526221. This fan-fiction tells the story of how Luke and Chase first met, what happened next, and the bittersweet reunion a couple of years later - . Shouldn't be too long, just doing one chapter per pairing. Pups Save Chapter 1: Ryder Again, a paw patrol fanfic. PAW Patrol crossover fanfiction archive with over 234 stories. "Perfect, you are awake" said a familiar voice. In a world where dangers of terrorism, hostage crisis, and suicidal attacks plague the minds of people an organization, the P. Marshall: Well, Not Everest, but I have with Chase, but decided against it. Chase (PAW Patrol) (17) Skye (PAW Patrol) (10) Rubble (PAW Patrol) (9) Ryder (PAW Patrol) (9) Zuma (PAW Patrol) (9) Rocky (PAW Patrol) (8) Originally Posted on FanFiction. "Of course" replied the doctor. As he witnesses these new creatures in action, he finds himself falling for one of them. Chase and the pups help her and she soon becomes a …. Chase's Accidents By: ilovezuma. Join Chase and the Paw patrol on this thrilling story. Chase would have sighed in relief but to his annoyance the other one stayed, still talking to him. "Here's another bucket of sand" Rubble said to Rocky as they built up a sandcastle. However, he'd always save Marshall for last. She pulled out her Paw Patrol pup badge. Protect And Watch Service By: 10000reasons. This is a Paw Patrol story thanks to @BunnyJason888 for helping me create a new story. Together they stumble upon things no one saw coming. Hundinger runs out of his car and runs by chase who try's to get him. Dawn Of The Heroes (PAW Patrol fanfic) {COMPLETED} _____ When the world is in need of heroes, the most unexpected ones. Will Chase and Skye ever be together or will the police pup. Skye never knew about his feelings. rubble; charshall; chase +8 more # 8. after a few rings someone picked up the phone, "hello, this is officer John. A trip out camping for the Paw Patrol turns into a thriller at a camp site as strange noises breeze through the nights. Skye tells them that Marshall and her are going to race. Her skil what happens when 2 husky's falls in love with each other. Rubble manages to throw cement from his truck and the dam stopped pouring water. Chase: I'll call in for some backup. He also didn't expect the characters to have the same name as his friends. Marshall was a heavy sleeper, so he …. Ryder is inventing a device that could change the world forever. When disaster hits the normally peaceful state of the PAW Patrol in the form of one of the beloved team members going missing, Chase, the normally level-headed second in command, and Marshall, the goofy, emotion-driven fire fighter pup embark on a physical and emotional quest to find their missing comrade. Chase then pressed his Pup Tag. Chase's Worst Nightmare Chapter 9, a paw patrol fanfic | FanFiction. (Book 1 of 3) After Chase is attacked by a wolf while on a date with Skye, he begins acting different. Potential movie spoilers in the story, so proceed with caution! Rated: Fiction K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Ryder, Chase, Skye - Words: 2,907 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 12 - Published: 11/23/2021 - Status: Complete - id: 13994132. A young Dalmatian pup named Flare wants to help everyone however that he can, and learns more about the world when joining his older brother Marshall, who recently moved to Adventure Bay to join the Paw Patrol. Rocky put his paw on Chase's muzzle, forcing the pup to be silent. Biggest Fight By: APawPatrolFan. I'm glad she can at least sleep after what has happened here. Chase blushes after Skye said that she loves her feet. I got the rest of the gang to follow me as I followed her trail. Paw Patrol is on a roll!", the leader of the team of pups shouts as he raises his fist into the air and starts the mission with that. Rated: Fiction K - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 21 - Words: 17,687 - …. Paw Patrol: Pups Get Recruited Chapter 4: Skye's Story, a. "Marshall Gone Missing" (Part4) PAW Patrol Fanfiction by HavocHound. So all of you will be seeing your parents. Chase/Marshall (PAW Patrol) Harold Humdinger/Ryder (PAW Patrol) Chase (PAW Patrol) Marshall (PAW Patrol) Zuma (PAW Patrol) Drowning. Paw Patrol Chase y Marshall son muy buenos amigos pero un dia las cosas cambian Chase empieza a sentir algo mas que amistad por Marshall pero por no despeccionar a Ryder por eso el decide guardar silencio Marshall es distinto no siente algo mas que amistad hacia Chase ¿Que pasara? Paw Patrol Fanfiction. This is a multi-chapter story where their are 3 main pairings 1. But they all have two pups loving each other more then anything in each story. Dangers don't need to be invited. I apologize for any errors in grammar and/or if I was not accurate in reference to something. "Right away Ryder, they just finished a meeting they should be in their office now. Its up to the The Paw Patrol, Turtles, Thunderbirds & Silvex to stop them! WARNING: CONTAINS GAY PAIRINGS: …. And is the reason why he believed in Santa. Paw Patrol All Grown Up: Experimentation Chapter 1: Talk. Man, I can't believe I like the show so much that I would even do just ONE story on it. "Ryder is the leader, rescuer, and …. Their legacies will continue …. Rated: Fiction K - English - Friendship - Ryder, Marshall, Katie, OC - Words. Ryder, Chase, Marshall and Everest race to Jake's Mountain, where they can see smoke coming from the cabin. This is the second story co-written by Lancewing, Notes, and Notramjet97. Net (4) Family (3) Memories (3) Brotherly Love (3) Angst (2) Dark (2) Other tags to include Exclude ? Exclude Ratings General Audiences (12). Chase needed to find an excuse to keep Bolt away from her. Paw Patrol a Fight between Friends Chase x Marshall, a paw patrol fanfic | FanFiction. Number One Pup By: Griffin Stone. This story is about the grown up pupa getting back together again. " Chase activated his pup tag, "Ryder, sir, we have an emergency. The startled pup looked up at him and saw tears forming. So they both left to Chase pup house. She's had a crush on him since elementary school, …. 3K 170 7 (13+) In a universe where dogs can talk and a planetarian species conquer, lives on the Earth - the PAW Patrol! Chase has a crush on Skye, and one night chase is in. Zuma: you cwush she is my cwush chase. During an emergency, he calls and leads the pups on missions to help the citizens of Adventure Bay. "Paw Patrol ready for action Ryder sir. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Suspense - [Zuma, Rocky] Ryder, Chase - Chapters: 6 - Words: "Then how about you and I get the heck out of here, go home, and make Paw Patrol strong again," said Chase as he walked over to Marshall and held his paw. Chase jumped in front her touched her nose with his paw. But when Chase is injured and Skye is kidnapped, they must find Skye before the unthinkable …. "That's a perfect fit for a trapdoor. The cashier looked at him in surprise for a few seconds before. PAW Patrol Origins! Chapter 1: Chase's Story. After the Paw Patrol's most extreme rescue ever goes wrong, Ryder's mother comes to take him with her. Meeting a new pup only got Chase challenged in a surfing contest. Marshall wanted to help, but he still couldnt speak yet. "Marshall, you faced your fear of heights to save a kitten, you didn't let your stage fright get the best of you not just once, but TWICE. Chase looks at them as the pups are curious on what's going. In the story I putted the month, day, and the year just for fun. So he has to track down the rest of team to help train the new pups. lovepawpatrol is a fanfiction author that has written 6 stories for PAW Patrol, and Lion King. And introduces a challenge they all must face together. Contains: Marshall x Everest , chase x skye ,guren x Silvia. Skye: But what's going on? Ryder presses a button and an image of the dam appears on the ground. An adventure that will lead to the honor that is rightfully yours as a member of the PAW Patrol. It was a nice sunny day in Adventure Bay all the pups are doing there own thing. ; Darker and Edgier: This series deals with topics that the show wouldn't …. when the two decide to reveal chase's betrayal. He bit Marshall's ear, getting the dalmatian to scream as Chase held on tight. Paw Patrol: When Reality Bites Chapter 3: Vacation Time, a. Chase just looked down nervously. Marshall makes sure to put others before himself, and always makes sure nobody dies on his watch. Nuestros cachorros reciben una. When a test goes horribly wrong, Chase discovers he has a new ability. Tracker and Everest had just arrived . Chase's biggest enemy comes back to haunt him, along with all his possible enemies. "Marshall will be fine in a few days, Ryder. There's something different with this year what would it be? A Paw Patrol series that consisted of short-stories that can be linked with each other. " Marshall asked, giving him the puppy dog pout. Chase glanced up at them, not even attempting to lift his head. After falling 400 feet, they took out their parachutes. Ryder: that's because he's missing. Ryder: it's okay Rocky now go on go tel chase you like him. "Come on Rubble!" Marshall said anxiously, as he bounced the shiny ball back. Chase has new gear, new suits, and a new vehicle. He is the 1st member of the PAW Patrol and is the team's leader. /Cat Noir - Complete ¡La PAW Patrol akumatizada! by Sta Fantasia reviews. Skye Pinned Ya, Chase, a paw patrol fanfic. He then noticed some small barely legible letters on a manhole cover. After Paw Patrol All Paws On Deck, Coral And the cat pack have a short stay in the lookout, Coral brought them to visit. At about 3:00 Chase picked up Skye's scent. It all started yesterday morning when I visited Marshall in his. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Power Rangers and PAW Patrol universe. He didn't get to keep the meteor he wanted, and he didn't get the superpowers he thought he was going to get. A Chase x Skye one-shot that takes place following the events of PAW Patrol: The Movie. "Chase are you going to do something this night" said Zuma. whispered Marshall, resting his head against Chase's chest. Skye: *tearing up looking at the date table* WOW! all pups,Ryder and Katie :they are the perfect couple. In each chapter, the PAW Patrol pups will have to save someone, whether it be one of their own or a friend. Paw Patrol truth or dare Chapter 7: Episode 3, a paw patrol fanfic. When Ryder is kidnapped by Humminger then Chase goes to rescue him with unexpected ally. But if there's one thing about them, they will never be forgotten. Then the two laid in the tub as they both catched their breath. My guess is that they are the order in which each pup was added to the PAW Patrol. But finally his father comes and you won't believe who he is. Looking at the site, I found a few people stories pretty well on who the Paw Patrol was form, so I did one for myself. shouted Marshall, slowly moving back. "But it doesn't make any sense. It was a beautiful day in Adventure Bay. "More like me?" Chase echoed, before letting out a hefty sigh. The pups are close, but Rocky struggles to see that Zuma wishes he could be closer. All Sweetie wants to do is take her rightful place as the Queen of Barkingburg. 17 Parts 4 Time 7m Start reading NightDogX Ongoing Chase is the most athletic pup in Adventure Bay, and all surrounding cities for the matter. Of course everyone had grown older and experienced some changes too, whether it be their appearance or personality or just stayed the same as they had 3 years ago. " Shocked, the pups began to panic. Chase and Everest love each other so much they told everyone about their relationship. "Good job clone now lets go and make you stronger. Zuma leaped up, intending to return the serve, but Rubble, on Zuma's team, was unaware of his plans. 6K 19 Hey guys this is a Chase X Marshall story and will not involve any of the feeling from my other stories this one is just …. throughout his new mission he his bent on helping sweetie without getting caught. Of course the PAW Patrol characters featured in this collection are going to be Chase, Marshall, Rocky and Zuma as well as the genderbent versions of Skye (Shay) and Everest (Glacier). " Chase exclaimed, wagging his tail. missionpaw; pawpatrol; swase # 4. Disaster strikes within the new Adventure Bay National Park, the Paw Patrol respond. Paw Patrol: Pups Get Recruited By: Dizzie HamHam Writer. The Accident updated chapter 20 Chapter 1: The Mysterious. Paw Patrol Chase aggressive Problem wolfiethebluewolf. "Hey!" Chase called after him, as Marshall disappeared through the doors. Silver Surfer Chapter 1, a paw patrol fanfic. A Paw Patrol Wedding By: Amelia154. While out on a peaceful lunch with Chase, Zuma, and Everest, Skye gets news from Ryder that she's pregnant! Follow Skye through her cravings, mood swings, and long naps as she journeys through the pregnancy days. Then he was hoping Skye didn't hear, luckily she didn't hear them so he took a sign of relieve. Chase walked in, and soon he saw something that caught his interest. The Paw Patrol wanted to have a camp at the forest near Adventure Bay. Blast to the Past By: FoundtoArrive. You gotta watch all these romantic comedies with her. Marshall and Chase: On the Skase! Chapter 1: Adventure Bay. Sometimes the fans named them "Brothers Forever" and it's mostly used in fanfiction but some fan art exists too. Once he got Rocky's mind off their problem, Marshall lend back and began to roll onto his stomach, moving his tail to the side, sticking his rear in the air. She needs some pups for the safety of the new mayor who has been elected. Marshall put on his best looking collar that he had and went to talk to Everest. His left hind leg was completely broken, and he has a ton of internal and external bleeding and a huge gash on his neck. Marshall's ride back to the lookout was the most painful ride he had ever had to drive. BOOK TWO OF THE "CHASING CHASE" SERIES In the sequel to "Chasing Chase", PAW Patrol is a brand new band of pups who have vowed to protect and serve Adventure Bay. _Ryder! _he yelled as he went up to him. " He told them, holding the nervous pup close. " said Sweetie in a cunning and manipulative tone. Paw Patrol: Pups save Rocky's will By: OGxTangotheRGS. Adventure Calls! By: LightningPelt12. It felt like someone had reached into his chest and ripped out all of his organs. During the chase, there was a Detective under the name of Chase who was off duty and just happened to be there at the right time. But his eyes showed his agreement with Ryder's statement. Whether it was dealing with an emergency, chasing down a criminal, or backing up the other members of Paw Patrol, he was as. Chase found out that Skye has a boyfriend, that broke his heart. "Geez, it's sooo hot," complained Marshall. He ran from Adventure Bay when his parents catch him bullying a certain dalmatian pup. As they were running to the elevator, they were joined by Skye, Rubble, and Rocky. Most of the PAW Patrol was enjoying some recreational time by playing beach volleyball, sans The Expert and Ryder. "Hello, Chase!" Lillian said, grabbing the scruff of Chase's neck. Disappeared Chapter 3: CHASE IS GONE MISSING, a paw …. Marshall: Your a fucking beast, Chase! Then it finally happened, Marshall's cock began squirting out cum and Chase felt the liquid hit his eyes, nose, and mouth. Pups Save A Vampire Marshall. Chapter 7: Valentine's Day For Chase. Read the most popular chase pawpatrol stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Can the Paw Patrol succeed in what could be the toughest mission yet? Filled with laughter/love/suspense, and action. Our friend Rocky is faci Rocky is the Recycling/Eco pup of a rescue team called Paw Patrol. I ran out to see them on the ground shaking next to each other. Ryder's 7th birthday was a few days ago and his parents promised him a dog. The PAW Patrol got there in a frenzy, with Chase leading the way. He often utilizes his great hearing abilities to save someone in danger when necessary. Love the Mighty Pups? 🐾 Take a closer look at what makes the Mighty Pups so mighty. When Everest eats too quickly and eats more then she should, her tummy starts to hurt, but she thinks it needs to settle, but when her upset tummy causes her to take a tumble while snowboarding down the mountain only Marshall and Adam can come to her rescue. Chapter sixty-six: Orderly Decorative. "said Ryder "Oh no" said all the paws really sad to hear that. Episode - Pups Save a Friend (disclaimer: the episode is from my point of view) It was a beautiful warm, sunny spring day in Adventure Bay. Ryder put him in-charge of that, while he wasn't at the Lookout at the moment. Puppy Love Moments 2 Chapter 1: Zuma x Chase, a paw patrol. Chase watched the two leave the Lookout and wonder what was wrong until he saw the bathroom door open and just himself on line. " Then, he suddenly remembered what he'd come to see him about. good! Princess!Sweetie!Chase x Sweetie!. A Resort to Remember By: PyreFly77. Between a mixture of fear and love, Chase is going to remember all the memories he had with Skye after Ryder saved Chase from the road when he was a baby. Chase and Skye tied the knot a month before & they just returned from their East coast, Florida honeymoon two weeks prior where they travelled along the coast and ended in Florida before heading back. "C'mon Junior, the food is good. SkyexMarshall but during this story you will experience a warm but heartbreaking story (It starts off funny and easy) Enjoy! P. It growled as it slowly made its way towards Skye with its sharp teeth poised. Chase was lying motionless in the snow, looking dead at the moment. screamed Zuma, tears in his eyes as he glared at Chase. This is a fanfic about a pup, reforming to be good. Chase x Everest | Discontinued :( | Fanfiction. The elevator stopped and all the Paw Patrol got into the position they had. Ah, now there's something that catches my attention. -Chase: Chase is on the Case!-Ryder: The rest of you can continue to have fun. Runaway Chase saves the PAW Patrol (HCIC Series Part 1). Ryder: Another perfect rescue! Ryder and his puppies came in their vehicles through Adventure City. Go into town to see if your Kitten Counterparts are causing havoc to the people. How do you deal with it?" Rocky asked. Little did those 11 pups know, a man was watching them from a distance. " A woman said through Chase's radio. Chase and Ryder were now left in the air, surrounded in a storm. The PAW Patrol were sitting inside the PAW Patroller on their seats talking with each other about their trip to the French metropolis Paris. - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Published: Dec 14, 2017 - id: 12758855. Chase's Accidents Chapter 1: Wet Morning, a paw patrol fanfic. Hooray! Hooray! But for some, a chronic frostbite that envelops their hearts that even a cozy fireplace couldn't warm up. What I did ruined everything for the PAW Patrol and everyone in Adventure Bay. One Shots: PAW Patrol Edition. And when Chase finds Marshall utterly broken in the aftermath of the worst one yet, it's down to the rest of the team to help him back to his old self. Paw patrol: A dark era By: SonicSpeed Kaleb. The girls are out on a mission and Marshall sees this opportunity to tell Rider about these strange feelings hes been having which leads to all the boys getting lightened of their loads (Update: New chapter) Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,950 - Reviews. " I couldn't believe it, my brother was in a police chase last night while we were asleep. Chase wants to help his friend, but got into a fight with his best friend. Pups Save Chase Chapter 1: Falling Out!, a paw patrol fanfic. Paw Patrol: The Betrayal!. When Harold Humdinger and Copycat return stronger than ever Chase and Marshall are best friends and brothers. Callie the cat is hanging off of a cliff over the bay," Ryder said as he clicked the red button on his pup-pad. Kinda filler-ish, but good filler. Death of a Friend By: Ranger Pup. Rivals to Brothers: A Paw Patrol S by ThreadyRumble. Paw Patrol: Chase and Skye, their story. Tell him that it's an emergency. The female husky gasped happily. It was Valentine's Day! Many decorations were hung up inside The Lookout; white, red, pink, purple, and blue hearts filled the rooms with color, and the pups were all happy they could celebrate together as a family. The blue police pup was mumbling something, but it was muffled by Ryder's clothing and his unusually. In front of the proud Lookout where the PAW patrol members lived, Fire Rescue pup Marshall and Construction pup Rubble were playing ball joyfully, to which Rubble now bounced the ball with his head to his senior. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Fantasy - [Chase, OC] - Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,375 - Reviews:. He almost ALWAYS took Sea Patrol duties, because it was his 'sanctuary' at times. Ryder gasped in disbelief "Are you sure it was Rubble" he asked, "Yes and he must of took Marshall's and Everest's pups" Rocky said as he stumble up to his feet. Chase and the pups help her and she soon becomes a member of the Paw Patrol. Into Adventure City Chapter 1: Rocky's Tolerance, a paw patrol fanfic. "We're at the vet," he finished. PAW Patrol's Christmas Chapter 5: Chase x Marshall, a paw patrol fanfic. Zuma and Skye are playing tag, Marshal and Rubble are watching Apollo the Super pup, Rocky and Everest are playing pup pup boogie in the control room of the Lookout Tracker is helping Ryder fix his vehicle as Tracker has been having engine. Chase was about to grab the thief by the coat until the. When a test goes horribly wrong, Chase discovers he has a new …. Chase: yeah bro it's ok you love her feet. With the whole Chase like Skye thing, I just had to do a fanfic on it. What could that mean, he thought. PAW Patrol: Pups Save Chase is a fanfic based on an idea for an episode of PAW Patrol by Otha Bland and is written by Bland. I didn't think about it at first, but looking at the story (and in the episodes) I find Zuma and Rocky to be very close. Can the PAW Patrol warm their heart and show them the true meaning of Christmas?. Chase is forced to be a leader. While playing on the beach with Rubble Marshall hurts his paw, so it's up to Rubble to get Marshall to Katie so Marshall's paw can be looked at so it can get better. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chase, Rocky, Zuma, OC - Chapters: 15 - Words: 61,140 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 35 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 5/3/2020 - Published: 5/25/2018 …. I should have put a stop to the argument, he thought. As Chase howled in pain, the wolf was ready to finish him off. The Paw Patrol and the Ninja Pups had to solve the problem with Chase since he stop talking for awhile until Katie said something. After much time thinking it over, Chase left without telling the others. Can they get their friends and mates back read to find out. While the husky prepares to remain indoors, strange noises surround the mountain, and Everest soon realizes that not everything is what it seems. Warning this story Will contain violence, rude words, abuse. This is Ryder of the Paw Patrol" I told her. Chase and Skye starts arguing but for Skye its just to hide her feelings for him.